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Dropshipping - The Idea

Originating from the US, the idea of Dropshipping means in a nutshell, direct shipping through the wholesaler. Through our comfortable Data Service you as a retailer can sell our goods without having to buy them in advance. We deliver your sold items then immediately, neutral and directly to your customers.

Jewelry Dropshipping

This way, you as a retailer are able to offer a single or thousands of products, without the need to have these products in stock yourself. So you bear only a slight financial risk. The warehousing and the shipping of items you order from us, will be undertaken by us, as your supplier, for you.

Dropshipping - 100% Profit

On all our products, you can freely calculate your sales price for offers on the Internet. Yet you only pay us the net wholesale price plus VAT and a low Dropshipping-Fee per shipment. Read more here about how our Dropshipping service works and what benefits we offer you with it. For further questions about dropshipping we will be happy to assist.