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GALLAY Data Service - Import and Export of CSV and XML files

Data Service

Jewelry CSV-Service

Already since 2001 we offer our customers a variety of data services. So can, via , all jewelry data from our wholesale be transfered for sales in your shop or used on various shopping portals on the Internet.

Universal Data Service

Do not miss out, to get to know our great offer Through this portal, you can import any data and data formats and export them in new formats. Even a direct connection and the transfer your product data to eBay and Amazon is possible for some time now. Through using of will the handling of CSV and XML files and the daily updating of your product data be substantially eased.

Manufacturers & Distributors

Interested producers and distributors we offer the opportunity to present their product data free of charge on csv4you and release it to be used by retailers. As a manufacturer or wholesaler, you can find new customers for your products. At the same time, you benefit from a large number of traders who, over the years, have collected valuable experience in sales over the Internet and are used to sell products to consumers with professionally prepared CSV or XML files.

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