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GALLAY Jewellery and Data Service, Jens Gallay, An der Pastoa 13, 03042 Cottbus
Telefon: +49 (0)355 28948228
Fax: +49 (0)355-28948227

For security reasons and as a defensive measure against the daily flood of spam, all inquiries to our public e-mail address will no longer be answered. Please use for questions or comments either our Contact Form in the shop, the Forum or write a ticket at One of our staff will get in touch with you and handle your request! Thank you for your understanding.

About this Company

GALLAY Jewellery was officially established on 1st October 1990 as a jewelry wholesaler. Since that time, we quickly and reliably supply watch and jewelery retailers. In the 90s, the focus in sales had been solely on cheap silver jewelry and higher quality fashion jewelry. All customers were then cared for directly from several sales representatives and on fairs. With the introduction of the Internet and increasing globalization in trade, the purchasing behavior of many customers changed and therefore the distribution of our products. In 2003 we expanded our jewelry offer with an assortment of gold jewelry in different alloys. The product range for gold jewelry is growing wider and more extensive from Year to Year.

We place special emphasis on wide variety, reasonable prices and first-class service. With more than 4,000 immediately deliverable items we are -since the year 2000- one of the largest supplier of jewelry on the internet. As mentioned above, you will find with us beside Silver Jewellery and Gold Jewellery also our own Fashion Jewellery collection as well as Gold-plated Jewellery in excellent quality. Interesting Glass and Decoration Items and decorative Packaging.

We developed new sales opportunities for our customers such as Dropshipping. We have been growing this distribution channel with our retail partners steadily over many years now. Closely related to the dropshipping are our universally usable Data Services at whose optimization and improvement, we are also working daily.

Of course you as a valued customer will be well supported after every purchase from us. It is also possible(Appointment required) to buy our jewelery locally at warehouse Cottbus.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Test us today!

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